Are you having trouble getting to sleep?

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Try the Following Tips:

After a busy day at work, you still have tasks to complete with the kids, getting dinner on the table and other chores around the house. As evening approaches, you can’t wait to get into bed. You look forward to bed all day long. You can’t wait for the relaxation that deep sleep brings. Your bed almost has you. But then it comes. You lie down and nothing happens. No sleep comes at all. 

We can help ourselves in a number of ways. A glass or two of wine can help us relax. However, we can’t go to sleep like that every night. The same applies to counting sheep. It works for some, but if you exceed a hundred sheep regularly, you’ll probably need a more effective way. 

  1. Turn off your phone – One of the biggest mistakes you make before bed or while you’re unable to sleep is to stare at your smartphone endlessly. Scrolling through social media and seeing who’s got the latest gossip may be boring, but it’s not going to put you to sleep. Screens emit blue light, which inhibits the production of a hormone called melatonin. This affects your body’s circadian rhythm of your body. In other words, the body uses the light to tell whether it’s daytime or bedtime.
  2. Darkness – In addition to your phone, don’t turn off computers or read books on e-readers. Opt for printed books, which will cause your eyes to tire more quickly and will help you to drift off into a dreamy sleep. And don’t worry – falling asleep while reading is not a sign of old age at all! If it’s dark in your bedroom, your body produces more melatonin and it’s easier to fall asleep.   
  3. Have a bedtime ritual. As part of your bedtime relaxation, repeat rituals that, over time, you will come to recognise as signals of approaching sleep. Watch a film, read a book, turn on soothing music. 
  4. Light candles in your preferred fragrance. Candles have a strong relaxing action, so if you want to relax the nerves, lavender is the perfect choice. Try small regular activities – lay out your pyjamas on the bed, brush your hair, breathe meditatively. 
  5. Take a hot bath and relax – Before going to sleep, feel free to take a hot bath as part of your relaxation routine. Regenerate your body with a bubble bath or with bath salts. After a busy day, don’t be afraid to sin – a little chocolate won’t hurt, especially if it is lavender, poppy or chamomile flavoured. Your body will feel tired after a change from high to low temperatures. This will put your body to sleep. 
  6. Dressing for bed – Pyjamas should be comfortable and pleasant to wear. It should not press on your body at all. The ideal night-time outfit should be one that makes you want to go to sleep just by wearing it. If you prefer to keep warm but don’t want to layer your pyjamas, feel free to wear soft socks on your feet. 
  7. Relax before you go to bed – You may also be having trouble falling asleep because you’ve been rushing around all day at work and at home. Your body and brain can’t switch into sleep mode immediately because they’re still working. Give yourself a chance to relax and rest an hour or so before you go to bed. Relaxation aids can be a good companion. They can also be good for your health.

Advice on how to fall asleep better and faster can be helpful, but there is one important thing you should bear in mind. It all depends on where you fall asleep. If you don’t like how your mattress feels or you are otherwise unhappy with your bed, you won’t be able to fall asleep no matter what you try. 

The most effective way to improve sleep hygiene is to lie down in a bed that gives you a perfect night’s sleep. In addition to the Saffron beds, we have new products in our showrooms that will help you to fall asleep.

Come and smell the scent of a natural candle with a special Saffron fragrance. We have no doubt that it will be hard for you to resist. Or why not treat yourself to a sweet treat – handmade Saffron chocolate in a range of sophisticated flavours. Try white chocolate with poppy seed, milk chocolate with chamomile or dark chocolate with lavender. For all the ills of the human soul, chocolate is the perfect remedy. They disappear the moment the first bite melts in your mouth… 

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