Should you sleep in a bed made of synthetic or natural materials?

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Eight hours of sleep makes up a third of our day. At least it ought to. However, we tend to spend much less time relaxing. That’s why we should choose carefully everything that has to do with our bed.

Of course, the first thing to consider is the size of the bedroom, then the mattress and its firmness. The materials used to make the bed are also important. What are the most important differences between natural materials and synthetic materials?

Natural materialsSynthetic materials
evaporate moistureretain moisture
do not provide conditions for the growth of mites and bacteriamoisture and warmth are ideal for mites to thrive
do not change their properties even after yearsrapid wear
allergen-freemay cause allergies

Use natural materials to help sleep healthier. To allow the body to breathe, cotton or wool is recommended for underwear and nightwear. These natural materials are therefore a good bet for your bed as well. 

When we sleep, our body rests and dreams, but at the same time, fluids evaporate from the skin’s more than 7 million pores – the body is cleansing itself. That’s why beds need to breathe, be breathable and wick away moisture.

If you suffer from excessive sweating at night, you should also choose natural materials. Natural materials provide perfect thermoregulation when cooling the bedroom or sleeping without nightwear doesn’t help. Synthetic materials retain moisture from the body. They are not permeable. Bacteria and dust mites thrive in warmth and humidity. This is not the case with natural materials.

Natural materials also have an advantage when it comes to wear and tear. Foam mattresses will wear out and even warp over time. Replacement after 2-3 years is recommended. Natural materials are inherently durable and highly valued.

Try the Saffron brand if we’ve got you thinking about sleeping in nature. There are three parts to the continental bed made of natural materials.

  1. The lower box, which is the bed frame, is made of pine wood. Swedish pine, which grows in the harshest conditions, is used in its production. This makes it a more durable and long-lasting material. 
  2. The middle part – the mattress – is filled with independently sprung pocket springs, layers of wool, cotton and horse hair. When properly combined, they form the heart of any Saffron bed. Elastic, firm and hollow, they hold the shape of the bed and keep it fully breathable.
  3. The top mattress, also known as the topper, is also made from high-quality natural materials. But there is a bonus hidden in it – dried lavender is added to provide a soothing sleep for the body, and cashmere to enhance the luxurious nature sleep.

If you’re in search of a healthy night’s sleep that leaves you feeling as relaxed as possible, it’s not enough to have the best mattress. You need to choose a bed that offers you everything from high-quality natural materials and durability to a lavender scent that will soothe and calm your nervous system. Treat yourself to a luxurious night’s sleep with nature at your side.

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