About company

We are a family company. One of a few which produces beds from natural materials. We rely on the power of nature. All this you can find in our luxurious beds, mattress and accessories. Our priority is the health and satisfaction of our customers. We constantly review and improve procedures, we only work with the best experts. We appreciate the traditional handmade production and we use the highest quality materials. We started in Slovakia and gradually expanded to the Czech Republic. We are very pleased that we have achieved many successes in other countries of the world. Numerous celebrities are dreaming their dreams in our beds.

Welcome to the world of Saffron

Every day our body struggles with stress, burden and negative influences. At night, it deserves the best sleep, rest and regeneration. The human body has a lot of important things going on during sleep. Quality sleep is a major contributor to strengthening human health. Our beds will give you perfect relaxation.

We care about your health

Our philosophy is that every little thing matters! From materials we use to fabrication and design. 100% natural materials such as wool, cotton, horse hair, cashmere or hand selected nordic pine provide maximum sleep comfort. They are natural to the body and provide healthy sleep. Sleeping on natural materials prolongs the REM (rapid – eye – movement) phase, which greatly improves the overall regeneration of the human body. To get up in the morning beautifully relaxed, shorter sleep would be enough for you. An important part of Saffron beds is a top mattress, Topper, consisting of hand-drawn hair, wool and cotton. Your body lies in a perfect plane with slightly raised legs, which improves the blood circulation in the legs and head during sleep. Beds are made to be suitable for allergy sufferers.

The essence of nature in your bedroom

The used materials are natural and renewable. They do not burden the environment, they increase the life of each bed, it gives airiness, softness, regulate surface temperature, drain moisture and perfectly adapts to your body.

Hand made

No machines, just honest manual work. We are convinced that only precise manual processing will ensure the quality and originality of each of our beds. We capitalize on the experiences of the past generation.

The detail is a force

We rely on overextended details. We do not accept shortcomings. The best craftsmen are carefully working on making each bed long enough to meet even the most demanding requirements.

We guarantee the quality

We are convinced about the quality of our beds, so we provide the longest warranty on the market for up to 30 years for wooden bed frames and springs.


Choose from 7 unique models in different sizes, according to your expectations and requirements. The only limit is your fantasy and the size of the bedroom. Can you imagine resting on a 350 x 350 cm bed?

Yes, We can!

You can choose from 150 kinds of fabrics, leather and a number of tailored bedding accessories. The originality of your bed will also be highlighted by a metal label with special dedication.