Why is a Saffron bed your hero of the night?

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Reasons why a quality bed is worth its weight in gold

For many, sleep is often the only form of relaxation and rest during the working day treadmill. Coming home, getting undressed, thinking about your workplace issues, slipping into your pyjamas and lying down… Are you looking forward to your bedroom realm? Relaxing and sleeping comfortably shouldn’t be a privilege for anyone, it should be a priority. 

A well-rested person can do anything! That is, if they leave their beloved in the morning… and their partner, too :) So what are the benefits of that legendary quality sleep? 

  1. 100% commitment: Sleep-deprived people are not very active and have a hard time getting their act together. For this, fatigue is to blame. Such people just keep thinking about when they’ll finally be able to go to sleep again. However, if you wake well rested, you will be able to handle the hustle and bustle of work and family life more easily. Rested, full of energy and with your brain working at full speed, you won’t be caught off guard by an unexpectedly stressful situation. 
  2. Spreading good cheer: Nobody is much of a talker after a sleepless night. Sleep deprivation makes us cranky, uncomfortable and nervous. In some cases, it can even result in depression. The solution to all these negative aspects is simple – get some sleep. Good, healthy and sound. Who knew it was so easy to get rid of stress?
  3. Good health: Getting maximum rest through sleeping is also good for immunity. A healthy lifestyle includes not only active exercise and a healthy diet, but also adequate rest. Athletes know this too, as they need to get enough sleep before going out to perform. 
  4. Your spine: Your spine is the part of your body that is under the most stress during the day, apart from your head. It carries the entire weight of the body. It should therefore be regenerated and relieved during the night. When your body is immersed in a made-to-measure mattress, the spine gets the right support. A good quality bed shouldn’t leave you aching in the morning – on the contrary, health problems should be on the wane. 
  5. Beauty: You’ll have a smile on your face in the morning after a perfect night’s sleep. And the world will smile back at you. Skin regeneration is another benefit of sleep. It is smoothed and rejuvenated while you sleep – so, ladies, isn’t it worth investing more in a good bed than in all those cosmetics? 

Having read these reasons, have you concluded that your sleep is clearly inadequate, even if you get eight hours or more of it in a row? If so, the problem may be elsewhere – in your bed.

To make sure that you don’t just look forward to a good night’s sleep, but also look forward to going to bed, put your trust in the quality of Saffron. A bed made from natural materials, handcrafted to your exact specifications, will suddenly make an “ordinary bed” no longer just a piece of furniture. It becomes the centre of your family’s well-being – with your partner, children or pets. 

Fall in love with the comfort of sleeping on a Saffron bed, wake up refreshed every morning with a smile on your face and look forward to the weekend when you can extend your time in the kingdom of the bedroom in peace and quiet. 

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