Saffron Authentica is the synonym for flexibility, stability and, last but not least, the possibility of optimal support for your body.

Add to this our dedicated bed craftsmanship and generous use of natural materials.

This provides access to a unique sleep experience.

Made of nature materials

Tested for harmful substances


30-years warranty on springs and frame

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Saffron Authentica is an extraordinary bed. With three layers of springs and copious amounts of carefully selected natural materials such as horsehair, cashmere, linen and cotton, it gives a completely unique feeling when you lie in a Saffron Authentica.

In the mattress you will find two layers of 13 cm high premium pocket springs. They are placed on top of each other but work individually when you are lying in bed. It ensures a more comfortable mattress that is flexible in every way, and will offer your body the best rest when you sleep.

To increase edge stability on all four sides of the mattress, we add three rows of handmade side stitching. A big job, as they have to sit precisely and exactly to have the optimal effect.

At the base, the wooden frame does the heavy lifting. The carefully selected wood for the base gives the solid frame the perfect starting point for the layer of premium bag springs that work here. This layer accepts the heavy parts of your body, but at the same time makes sure to give the top two layers of springs the support necessary for you to experience the unique comfort that Authentica offers.

On top of Saffron Authentica you will find our luxury top mattress: Cashmere De Luxe.

Soft and fine, it will embrace your body. Add the luxury you deserve. Several layers of the finest cashmere and silk as well as the best horsehair, together with cotton, is what makes the difference. You will experience a top mattress that adapts to you and the season. Give you the feeling of sleeping on a cloud that warms you gently in winter and cools you comfortably in summer.

It takes our bed craftsmen about 110 hours to build a Saffron Authentica. You will understand that we offer you unique comfort and luxury when you have experienced sleeping in a Saffron Authentica.

Bed composition


Cashmere de luxe

  1. upholstery fabric (100% cotton)
  2. cashmere
  3. silk
  4. cotton
  5. white loose horsehair
  6. white loose horsehair
  7. cotton
  8. silk
  9. cashmere
  10. upholstery fabric (100% cotton)


Mattress Authentica

  1. upholstery fabric (100 % cotton)
  2. cashmere
  3. silk
  4. cotton
  5. white horsehair on jute
  6. premium cotton pocket springs (13 cm)
  7. premium cotton pocket springs (13 cm)
  8. white horsehair on jute
  9. cotton
  10. silk
  11. cashmere
  12. upholstery fabric (100 % cotton)


Base Authentica

Saffron beds - Authentica box composition
  1. upholstery fabric (100 % cotton)
  2. cotton
  3. white horsehair on jute
  4. premium cotton pocket springs (15 cm)
  5. flax
  6. firm wooden slats
  7. Swedish pine wooden frame

Bed combinations


Choose from the wide range of Saffron’s striped fabrics, headboards and bed legs to truly create the bed of your dreams.

Saffron Beds Authentica bed






Mattress stitches


Leg color

Estimated delivery time: 4-8 weeks

Bed specifications

FirmnessSoft, Medium, Hard or Extra Hard
Standard length200, 210 or 220 cm
Standard width90 - 260 (10 cm interval)
Custom sizesYes, pr. cm (bed and headboard)
Bed height (without legs)66 cm
Standard leg height10 cm
Total bed height76 cm
Standard headboard height140 cm
No. of layers (incl. topper)29
TopperCashmere de luxe
Topper height9 cm
Mattress height32 cm
Base height25 cm
Spring system 1Premium pocket springs (2 x 13 cm)
Spring system 2Premium pocket springs (15 cm)
Oeko-texYes, VUTCH-29 VUTCH
Warranty30 years on springs and frame

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