Do you know how firm your mattress needs to be?

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Undoubtedly, the mattress is the most important part of the bed. The quality of our sleep is at stake. A bad mattress will not only give you a poor night’s sleep, it will also give you back problems. How to choose the right mattress to love and enjoy our bed?

Until recently, the unwritten rule was that firmer mattresses were better and lasted longer. However, the materials used to make a mattress have more to do with how long it lasts. For a healthy night’s sleep, it is important to choose a mattress made from natural materials. These are airier, more resistant to wear and tear and free of allergens. At Saffron, we know the benefits of these materials. That is why we only use natural materials in the manufacture of our beds.

Supporting the spine

A mattress must be anatomically correct. When we lie down to sleep, our body rests and regenerates, especially our spine, which carries our weight during the day. It is the mattress that supports it. If the mattress is too firm, the spine will be under pressure all night and will be unable to rest properly. If the mattress is too soft, the body tenses its muscles. In addition, you will find it difficult to turn over in your sleep if you are buried in a soft mattress.

How Should the Body Be Positioned on a Mattress With the Ideal Firmness?

Lie down on it. Notice how much your body sinks into the mattress. On a properly firm mattress, your spine should be in a natural position – if you lie on your side, your spine should be horizontal. If you are lying on your back, your body should be in an ‘S’ position. This means that your pelvis is slightly lowered to relieve the most stressed part of your body.

The springs of the mattress should follow your body. This takes the weight off the heaviest part of your body, the hips and shoulders. That is why the spring mattress should be made of high quality materials. At Saffron, we use pocket springs made of Swedish steel. These springs are wrapped in fabric so that each spring can move independently.

Weight and size

Never underestimate the importance of weight when choosing a mattress. For heavier people, a medium or firmer mattress is recommended. This provides better support for the spine as it can withstand more pressure. The height of the mattress is also an important factor. This is because the higher it is, the more it can support weight. 

If you are tall, you can choose a softer mattress. This will give you a larger surface area over which your weight will be more easily distributed and you will put less pressure on the mattress. If you have a larger-than-usual stature, go for comfort with a made-to-measure bed. You can even opt for a bed that measures 260 × 220 cm. Having your legs sticking out of the bed will not take any of the pressure off your spine while you are sleeping.

Take your time with your choice

When choosing firmness, age is also a factor. Younger children should have a firm mattress. This will give their developing spine enough support. As you grow older, you should choose a mattress that gives you a comfortable and healthy nighttime sleep, free from grogginess, stiffness or pain when you wake up in the morning.

Choosing the right mattress is not an easy task. As well as anatomical requirements, a lot depends on your subjective feelings and, above all, on testing, for which you should take plenty of time. Ultimately, we buy a mattress to last a long time and provide us with complete rest. That’s why we offer our customers the option of replacing the mattress if, after 3-4 weeks at home, they feel the firmness isn’t right.

When visiting our showroom, customers can rely on the expert advice of our sales staff, which has helped thousands of Saffron customers find the perfect mattress for them. We offer 7 levels of mattress firmness, three of which are standard – firm, medium and soft. 

But we can play around with the materials to create a custom mattress – for example, for a double bed, if your partner prefers a soft mattress and you prefer a hard one. Nothing is going to stop you from getting the sleep you deserve.

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