How to choose the best bed?

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A comfortable and balanced sleep is fundamental to a healthy life. Choosing a quality bed will help you get enough rest at night. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed, energised and free from the back pain that has been bothering you.

It’s not just about the look of a bed and whether it’s good value for money, it’s also about whether it meets all your criteria for a good night’s sleep.

  1. The material of the bed determines how long it will last. Find out what materials were used to make it. Choose a durable and long-lasting material – wood – as you are buying a bed for a long time. Moreover, natural wood beds look good and don’t squeak after a while unlike chipboard constructions. The only drawback is that they are heavier, but with all the positive aspects, this is not something that will weigh you down in the end. 
  2. The dimensions of the bed are limited by the amount of space available in the bedroom. Make sure you have a large enough bed so you can relax reading a book as well as sleeping. Ideally, you should add at least 25 cm to your height, while the width is pretty much fixed – 90 cm for a single bed, 180 cm for a double bed. Treat yourself to a custom-made bed if the standard measurements don’t suit you. Don’t be afraid to ask for a size that will make you feel happy and that you want to sleep in. Saffron has already made a bed measuring 350 cm × 300 cm.
  3. As we get older or have joint problems, the height of the bed becomes an issue.. It will be more difficult to get up from a low bed, so when you are choosing a bed, always try to get up from it a couple of times. 
  4. For maximum rest, a properly firm mattress is essential. From the basic firmness levels, you must choose a mattress that anatomically fits your body and supports the heaviest parts to recover during sleep. Weight and height will also help determine which to choose.
  5. Perhaps the most important thing to remember is not to be afraid to try. This is true when it comes to choosing a bed as a whole, but especially when it comes to choosing a mattress. Remember that this is an investment into your rest and health, and you want to be treated to the best. 

It takes time to consider all the important parameters and test which mattress suits your body most. So make sure you leave sufficient time in your schedule for these activities, so that you don’t choose a bed in haste and wind up disappointed. 

In our Saffron showrooms, you will find a friendly atmosphere where knowledgeable sales staff will help you make your choice. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you find a bed which suits you, both aesthetically and functionally. 

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