Special properties of horsehair

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Natural materials have a positive effect on sleep. They allow the bed to breathe. This is important because our body purifies itself during sleep. Through the pores, of which we have over 7 million in our bodies, excess fluids evaporate during the night. Natural materials allow these fluids to escape, while synthetic materials retain them.

At the heart of the bed

Healthy, quality sleep is the goal at Saffron, which manufactures continental beds using only natural materials. Our beds are handcrafted using durable Swedish pine or sheep’s wool. If you’re looking for a naturally durable and premium mattress that will retain its shape and last for years to come, go for a ‘natural mattress’. 

Saffron mattresses are filled with a number of layers of natural materials. Cotton, wool and horsehair are complemented by steel springs, each wrapped in fabric for independent movement. In the right combination, they form the heart of the bed on which you’ll be able to relieve the strain on your spine and let yourself drift off to dreamland.

Properties that guarantee quality

Horsehair is an important natural material in our beds. As one of the highest quality materials, it has long been used as a mattress filling. 

It has unique absorption and ventilation properties. Its great advantage is its hollow structure, which enables horsehair to transport moisture away from the bed while remaining dry. This ensures that you sleep comfortably and deeply all night long.

Horsehair and manes are harvested organically and gently – by combing. During a single combing operation, you can get anywhere from 100 to 400 grams of hair from a single tail. To fill a double mattress you need about 15 kilograms.

Once the hair has been combed, it is subjected to a special treatment. It is boiled, rinsed, cleaned with an antibacterial bath and gently dried. This results in clean, naturally crimped fibres which themselves act as small springs.

Guaranteed durability

Horsehair is a material with natural antibacterial, antifungal and anti-mite properties and it is also appreciated by allergy sufferers. 

At Saffron, horsehair is used not only as a mattress filling, but also in toppers, i.e. mattress covers. Thanks to the durability and strength of the horsehair we use, we guarantee the quality of our beds. We offer the longest warranty on the market – up to 30 years for the wooden structure and spring systems in our mattresses.  

We all have the right to a good night’s sleep in the comfort of natural materials and relaxation that regenerates the body and mind.

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